Member Spotlight: Andria

Andria Boyd is the owner of NYLA, a purveyor of exquisite fashion finds from New York, Los Angelas, Paris, London and Milan.

How did your Ultimate journey begin?

Personal training sessions with Matt Pauderis.

What’s the most rewarding part of crushing a workout at the gym?

Knowing that I AM getting stronger!

What have you learned about balancing health and wellness with you career?

Take/make the time for yourself. This took me a very long time to realize.

What keeps you coming through our doors?

The fact that I’m seeing results and whatever my fitness goal is, everything is there.

Favourite workout?

So many! Spin with Vlad because the music, energy, and Vlad's amazing dance moves! Also Buns & Guns!

Go-to/favourite meal post workout?

I usually eat my last meal before evening workouts. Other than that it would be lean protein or vegetarian with very limited simple carbs. BUT don’t kid yourself! I DO SPLURGE!!

What’s in your gym bag?

Two outfit changes for those doubles, cocoa butter, currently I’m in love with my Stella crazy move bounce shoes for classes, spin shoes, and Amber oil.

What keeps you coming back?

The classes. Ultimate is always adding something new. New challenges, new equipment…. and of course the instructors and relationships! It’s fun there!

Any advice to those who haven’t been to Ultimate?

Depending on their fitness goal, level, and wants, there would be a few options. First would be to start with personal training sessions to familiarize oneself with the gym environment along with your body’s fitness level. If you are already an active person, TRY A CLASS! Ultimate Athletics has something for everyone!

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