Member Spotlight: Corbin

Corbin Seligman runs The 6ix Real Estate Group, Harvey Kalles.

How did your Ultimate journey begin?

Actually, my mother introduced me to Vlad and Paula originally. I tried Ultimate because I needed a change. I wanted a gym with great energy, somewhere I actually enjoy going every day. I found just what I was looking for at Ultimate. Also Paula took me for lunch and to buy new kicks early on — from then on, I was hooked. Ultimate is my #fitfam.

What’s the most rewarding part of crushing a workout at the gym?

Part of what I love about Ultimate — and one of the biggest reasons that I’m hooked — is that I feel like I’m part of the family. I have developed personal relationships with many members and staff alike. It feels great when the person at the front desk greets you by name. It also motivates you to get to the gym if your friends will call you out for missing your regular gym time. The best part is that it’s fun — there is a camaraderie here that I haven’t seen at any other club. We enjoy each others’ company and are all there to get a serious workout in.

What have you learned about balancing health and wellness with you career?

I’ve learned that they go hand-in-hand. If I don’t work out, I feel sluggish and I’m unproductive. I started doing morning workouts a while back and find that Ultimate is the best place to set myself up for a great day. 

What keeps you coming through our doors?

The positive energy, lack of pretention and feeling like I belong. I actually look forward to my workouts (most of the time).

Favourite workout?

I like working on my chest, isn’t it obvious? I also like shaking my ‘bon bon’ (Vlad’s words, not mine) in Vlad’s spin class.

Go-to/favourite meal post workout?

Carbs and coffee. All the coffee.

What’s in your gym bag?

It’s full of secrets.
Shoes: Nike KD (gotta be KD)
Grooming products
Skipping rope
TRX band

Any advice to those who haven’t been to Ultimate?

Give it a try. Bring lots of energy. You won’t look back.


Aja Zylberberg