Member Spotlight: Deborah


Deborah Belcourt is Vice President at A&C.

How did your Ultimate journey begin?

My journey began when I was really looking to lose weight and referred by a friend and now I cannot remember who!!!! But THANK YOU! (this is what happens when you approach 50 and have a toddler!). I started with spin and loved it. I always dreamed about getting to the front row and keeping up with the A Team up there and now I am (almost).

What’s the most rewarding part for you after crushing at workout at the gym?

The most rewarding thing post-workout is a sense of accomplishment and serious endorphins. That and a glass of Chardonnay!

What have you learned about balancing health and wellness with your career?

Being healthy is comprised of so many things. Sleep, water, nutrition and meditation are critical but fitness competes the picture for me. I am happier, more focused and have a better attitude. I am a better boss, mother and frankly? PERSON. However I have also learned to listen to my body and when its had enough to take a break. That same rule applies to being over-worked or over-stressed - just listen to your mind and body - they will tell you what to do. Trust them.

What keeps you coming through our doors?

I keep coming back because of the answer to that last question :) That and I have lost 30 pounds and three sizes! (if we are being honest here)...

Favourite workout?

Favourite workout? Reformer Pilates. It changed my body. Paula is also hysterical. Sorry Vlad but spin comes in at #2. I have a feeling I am going to pay for that one on the bike.

Go-to/favourite meal post workout?

#1 hands-down favourite meal is a kale caesar (vegan) with avocado and turkey burger (no bun) from Oliffe - they are BEYOND. I try to drink two litres of water a day and no wine during the week (haha).

What’s in your gym bag?

No bag! I live around the corner so grab my keys and go!

Any advice to those who haven’t been to Ultimate?

Ultimate is a pretty spectacular place run by some very compassionate and empathetic people. Don't be intimated! There is not a better place to start your program.

What keeps you coming back?

Paula, Vlad, Victoria, Aja & Sam! 


Aja Zylberberg