Member Spotlight: James T and Rachel M

Rachel Macleod is Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Special Events at Toronto Public Library Foundation. James Temple is Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer at PwC.


How did your Ultimate journey begin?

Rachel - I had been doing small group training downtown and changed jobs so needed a new gym closer to work and home. After my tour at Ultimate I knew it was a gym that I could really fall love with. I got my best friend James to sign up, have brought other friends, and the rest is history! It's a great way to see everyone and have fun. Fit friends for life!

What’s the most rewarding part of crushing a workout at the gym?

Rachel & James - A gym class is 4% of your day and knowing that you have done your best at an Ultimate class always makes that the best portion of your day. No class is ever the same, so you always walk away knowing that you did a workout that would scare other people!  

What have you learned about balancing health and wellness with you career?

Rachel & James - Every business leader that you admire gets up in the morning and works out. It is a fundamental part of bringing your best self to work and keeping a healthy balance. We know this is a commitment to bringing you’re A-game to the boardroom and the barre!  

Favourite workout?

Rachel - Spin & Row a la Paula!  
James - Victoria's Pilates Reformer

Go-to/favourite meal post workout?

Rachel & James - Spinach salad with some chicken and a Greenhouse Juice! 

What’s in your gym bag?

Rachel - My life is in my gym bag including but not limited to work clothes, lunch, computer and a good book. 
James - I don't carry one, I live next door! 

What keeps you coming back?

Rachel & James - The people, gym goers and the trainers. This is the friendliest gym we've ever had the pleasure of being members of. It makes a significant difference when you start to get to know the people that you see every day/week - it becomes a system of accountability to keeps you motivated. A little competition never hurt, right?

Aja Zylberberg