Member Spotlight: Natasha

Natasha Koifman is the president of NKPR, one of Toronto's go-to public relations firms.

How did your Ultimate journey begin?

I have a home gym, but was feeling unmotivated by working out alone. My friend and colleague Rebecca had started taking Paula’s Reformer classes and was really excited about them, so she asked me to join her. I started going weekly, and not only did I love the classes, I started seeing results. I've been hooked ever since.   

What’s the most rewarding part of crushing a workout at the gym?

Besides the Boxcar coffee and occasional Pop Tart? It’s probably the endorphin high and mental clarity I get from a tough workout – as a morning exerciser, it helps keep me focused for the day ahead.

What have you learned about balancing health and wellness with you career?

I used to make excuses about why I couldn’t workout – too tired, too many commitments, not enough hours in the day, etc. Once I started making fitness a priority, I found that not only was I able to fit it all in, it has become an essential part of my routine and helps me feel sharper and stronger while I’m working.

What keeps you coming through our doors?

The friendly atmosphere! I love that I see so many familiar faces, like my friends Jessica and Ben Mulroney, my trainer Matt Pauderis, and my NKPR colleagues, who are working out alongside me and are there for extra motivation, or for good water cooler talk (literally). Makes it feel like home. But in all honesty, what probably keeps me coming through the doors more frequently would be my boyfriend Anthony Mantella, someone I met at Ultimate and an avid exerciser, who challenges me to match his daily workouts.

Favourite workout?

3-way tie between personal training sessions with Matt, spin with Vlad and Reformer with Paula!

Go-to/favourite meal post workout?

Much to Anthony and probably all nutritionists' dismay… a bowl of Lucky Charms.

What’s in your gym bag?

My current gym bag, a Chanel backpack, always has my iPhone, a bottle of Flow Water, a Saje Peppermint Halo (best headache remedy ever!) and extra hair elastics.

Any advice to those who haven’t been to Ultimate?

I’ve never loved gym environments, but Ultimate truly goes above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable, regardless of fitness level. It’s a warm, welcoming and inviting community.

Aja Zylberberg