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Classes run on a first come, first serve basis. Please register in advance to reserve your spot. 

Ultimate BOXING

Punch, Jab, Jump, Uppercut. This choreographed, high-intensity cardio boxing class combination will guarantee a great sweat and possibly tears! Boxing gloves and wraps required.


Our signature Ultimate BOXING class, with legs involved! Get ready to Kick, Punch, Jab, Jump and Uppercut!


Never seen a Kettlebell? No problem! Kettlebell: the ultimate conditioning tool. Challenging several muscles groups simultaneously, the kettlebell improves cardio, core, agility, balance and endurance.


The name says it all! A new signature class at Ultimate Athletics, Ultimate STRENGTH focuses on heavy weight training layers to hit all of those 'hard to reach' muscles in the body.


This choreograph-packed cardio class will kick up your heart rate as you burn calories. You will not find a class like this anywhere else in Toronto!

Ultimate STRETCH

The focus is on realigning the body through sequential movement in a flow-type class. This will compliment any workout, but is effective on its own as well.

Ultimate ABS & A**

Let's be honest — we all want rock-hard abs and a booty! This strength class combines explosive cardio elements targeting core and glutes specifically.

Ultimate IRON ROW

Stroke your metabolism beyond the treadmills and the bikes with this high-intensity, low-impact workout alternating between the rowing machines and strength training (including TRX and VIPR’s!).



Sore muscles? We have the answer for you. Complimentary to any workout, this class is designed to release active muscle tension built up around the body using a variety of apparatus. Designed exclusively for Ultimate Athletics, you will not find this class anywhere else!

Ultimate BOOT CAMP

The name says it all. Designed to challenge every part of your body, this class uses a variety of fitness equipment including your own body weight to challenge, invigorate and energize.


This full-body conditioning class, with straight-up weight training and muscular endurance, works on both the lower and upper body. Intermediate to advanced levels.


Plié your way into a new you! WARNING: This is no ordinary barre class. Taught by former “bunheads”, there's no pulsing here. This class includes a repertoire of ballet type movement, flexibility training, floor and standing barre work. No tutus allowed.


Ultimate ATHLETE

The Ultimate Mix: our signature workout. Using various apparatus equipment (TRX, battle ropes, skipping ropes, weights, sandbags, etc.), achieve results and leave feeling like THE ultimate athlete.

Ultimate WARRIOR

This class, which is for THE Ultimate Athlete, is a no-mercy type of workout. There are no modifications, and you must be able to keep up with the rest of the class. This class is not for everybody! Prerequisite- advanced fitness level required.

*New* Ultimate HALO

The first of its kind in Toronto, this class uses an evolutionary device that incorporates strength work, flexibility training, overall conditioning, and injury prevention. It incorporates the Halo® Trainer Plus - a friction-fitting ergonomic handlebar that works individually and with the Stability Ball™ to advance strength, muscle endurance, proprioception and stabilization.



Sign up is required for members and non-members.



This full body, low-impact cardio workout is suitable for riders of all levels. Our state-of-the-art spin studio includes 29 bikes, and a 4,400 watt sound system- it’ll knock your spin shoes right off!


Half Spin, Half Sculpt- this class is an all-in-one workout that includes both cardio and weight training. One packed hour of great tunes and great moves. You will leave this class feeling like an ultimate athlete.

Get Ryffed Pilates
(All Levels)

This class focuses on regaining functional strength movements; optimal mechanics and rebuilding weakened muscles through core training. This class is suitable for all levels, as it builds on foundations and organizes the body’s proper mechanics for movement.An intensive, systematic, fast-paced workout that will have your muscles burning and heart rate beating. This class will challenge your core, strength, power and flexibility. 



Ultimate Pilates Reformer

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Who says you can’t do the splits? With our brand new, fully-loaded reformer machines, this full-body workout is packed with intensity, efficiency and fun. Small class settings allow for individualized attention. Regardless of your experience, flexibility, strength or weaknesses, you will improve posture, correct misalignment and look good naked!


Please familiarize yourself with our policies to ensure a seamless experience.

Reservation Policy

Sign-up is recommended prior to class to ensure your reservation, as classes are capped.

Refund Policy

Memberships, class packs, and individual classes are non-refundable, as is merchandise. Pilates Reformer class packs (with & without membership) expire one year from date of purchase. Personal training sessions are non-refundable and expire 18 months from date of purchase.

Cancellation Policy

In order to avoid cancellation fees, you must cancel your reservation 12 Hours in Advance. If not, a cancellation fee of $25 will apply to all ultimate classes that are full, as well as Pilates reformer classes.

Medical Cancellations: Cancellation is permitted where you are not able to participate in a single sessions for medical reasons. A doctor’s note confirming that you were not permitted to participate is required within 7 days of
the missed class and, upon receipt, a credit for a make-up session will be issued.